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Photo Stories

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is a technique in which long shutter speeds (often from about 0,5 seconds up) are used and the camera moved in various directions during exposure. Is not just a random camera shake, but carefully planned and controlled moving to obtain a specific result. The images created are often very painterly and impressionistic in their nature. They leave a lot of space for the viewer’s thoughts and emotions. Traditional photography uses various guidelines for light, colour, shape, form, and composition as building blocks. By moving the camera we can reach beyond these to another level which filters some things out and layers invisible things into the image. This way we it is possible to connect to our unconscious level of emotions as well as make the unseen visible.

Here you can see my various creative photography projects. Click the images above or links below to see the images.

Seven Siblings - I have created unique portraits of my siblings and myself using ICM photography.

Iceberg Graveyard - A collection of images of icebergs in many different parts of the world.

De Minimis - This creative photography project is of the little things you might not notice, need, or respect.

Wood Wide Web - With this series of ICM photographs I want to bring out the importance of trees to us humans

Moon Dancer - This photo series was created on a small island off the coast of Norway while I stayed in an artist residence

Dancing my Nature - Photographing ICM images of dancers out in the nature during our 7 seasons in Lapland

Rolling of the World - A series that I made using poetry as an inspiration

Morning Thoughts - A small story, to remind myself of the importance of taking time to do plans and get inspired

Story of the Trees - This series was built for the Finnish Camera magazine as an example about building portfolios

Speechless Sea - A series about the oceans, and it's mysteries

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