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About me.

I have been taking pictures since a little girl, but doing photography as an art seriously about 20 years. I have delved a lot into different stages of my life and pondered the force that drives me to do art. Why is it important to me to express my feelings in many forms of visual arts, including painting? Coming from a family of 7 children and being the youngest has greatly impacted this. Some pains and joys have left marks in the subconscious mind. It has made me work and please others and often neglect my own needs. Art has provided an avenue to work with my emotions and fulfill my dreams. 2001 was a turning point as I committed all my life to photojournalism. 


Then in 2007 I bought a gallery house and finally started concentrating on ICM photography. I now understand that I have been unseen in my childhood which has led to feeling a bit of an outsider as an adult. ICM provides a way to bring the unseen feelings and suppressed emotions visible. When taking an ICM picture, the camera movement can create elements that initially were not in the scene and bring some unseen things visible. It holds the same serendipity and element of surprise which has always accompanied me in my life. These are some of the great building blocks in my art today.

My main camera is Sony A1 mirrorless camera, but I also take ICM photos with Sony A9, Sony RX10 and my phone, Huawei Pro Mate 20. My favourite lens is a 100-400 zoom lens.

Kaisa Sirén
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