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Wood Wide Web

My series Wood Wide Web has been inspired by the book Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, (2016). In the book Wohlleben describes his studies and observations about the life of trees during his long career as a forester. He talks about the ability the trees have, to communicate, form communities, to alarm each other and take care of their offspring and elders. The observations may be difficult to prove scientifically and equally difficult to photograph. In my attempts to make the phenomena visual I use a technique called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). It is a technique during which the camera is moved during a long exposure. Thanks to ICM the images may have elements, which bring unseen stories or actions visible. It may form layers to the images which make room to the imagination of the viewer.  With this series I want to bring out the importance of trees to us humans as well as that they may be much more complex than we ever have thought. Wise old trees, they need our respect. 

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