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I have been doing ICM photography since 2005 and have along with the years become a globally recognized ICM photographer.  My primary artistic focus is on ICM photography, and I have held a numer of exhibitions of ICM images. I am also a member of the ICM Photography Magazine team, and I co-lead/co-mentor ICM Photomag workshops and the ICM membership community, all based on encouraging and inspiring photographers to learn more about ICM photography and to explore more deeply their own individual artistic and creative vision. 

At the upcoming lectures and presentations page you can see where I will be live, and you can also listen to old podcasts and recordings.

In all of my camera club presentations about ICM photography, I talk about what ICM is and the technique behind the different ICM images. My presentations are tailored to the audience and vary from the basic ICM photography techniques to storytelling with ICM images. If your camera club or organization is interested in a presentation or talk on ICM photography, please feel free to contact me to discuss the fee and book a date.


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