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ICM Photomag

ICM Photomag photography magazine

ICMPhotoMag is a first-of-its-kind e-magazine solely featuring ICM images, articles, reviews, interviews, tips and tutorials, by ICM photographers and artists around the world, in a quarterly feature packed digital format. I have been involved in the ICMPhotomag team from the very first issue in June 2020, when I was featured in the inaugural issue. Since then I have provided an ICM exercise review of reader’s images in each issue, and several topic articles.

While there are a lot of photography e-magazines and websites out there that feature one-off articles about ICM in addition to all other photographic genres, as far as we can tell, there is not any other e-magazine solely dedicated to ICM photography.

This exciting project fills that void and creates an outlet for those who dedicate their photographic pursuits, in full or in part, to the ICM technique.

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