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​​Kuusamo 2023

Kuusamo Nature Photo is one of the main nature photography festivals in Finland. I am proud to be given the opportunity to present my ICM images there in September 2023.


Kuusamo Nature Photo

Past presentations​

Quiet Landscape Podcast by Margaret Soraya 11/2022

I was delighted to be invited to join a conversation with Margaret Soraya on her podcast. We talked about ICM and the meaning and significance behind it. As well how experiences in your early life affect your art and how ICM can reveal and visualize things unseen by the eye.

Quiet Landscapes is available here, and also in Apple podcast, Spotify and Google Podcast





Lahti 4.10.2022

I am happy to give an introductory presentation of ICM in the monthly photo evening of Lahti photo club. The presentation will also serve as a spark to their monthly themed competition, and I will be judging the results in the beginning of November 2022.

The Joys of ICM Photography and Online Community - With Kim Grant 28.4.2022

Join us as we talk about the creative power of ICM photography, and the positive impact of online community. Watch the video in Youtube

After the click photography podcast with Andy Gray 23.9.2020

We talk about photographic work, running my own art gallery, the effects of Covid-19 on business in 2020, and ideas for presentation of work to display and sell. Watch the Video in Youtube

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