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Dancing My Nature

Dancing my Nature

Lapland Music and Dance institute, Rovaniemi

5. - 25.9.2022

Dancing my Nature photography exhibition

My series of dance images are taken in the nature during 7 different seasons of Lapland. Here in Lapland the light and the seasons are all unique. Light defines the seasons which we have at least seven. The light, however is defined by shadows and contrasts. Lapland is a true land of contrasts and my series of images is built on those great differences of the amount of light and contrast during different times of the year.

There are seven seasons pictured; Sparkling summer from May to Midsummer, Bright summer from midsummer to end of June, Dusky summer during August, Colourful fall in September, Darkening fall in October and November , Polar night during December and January and finally the Bright winter in March and April.

With these images I want to create a connection between our nature and the viewer the uniqueness of our nature. All images are in-camera , single exposure images and done by using the ICM technique.

For more of this series please visit this page and also look at the video about the project.

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