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Dancing My Nature

Dancing my Nature

Lappia House, Rovaniemi

25.10 - 15.12.2023

Dancing my Nature exhibition poster

My series depicts the 8 different seasons of Lapland. The light and the seasons are all unique and true to the land of contrasts. This series is built on the differences on the amount of light, colour and contrast throughout the year. With these images I want to create a connection between the nature and the viewer using dance as the interpreter. All photographs are in-camera, single exposures and created by using camera movements during the exposure, known as ICM technique.​

Kaisa Sirén is a photographic artist who brings her soul landscape visible with Intentional Camera Movement. Kaisa lives in Rovaniemi where she works as a freelance photographer. She is widely published in various Finnish magazines and newspapers. She has had several solo and group exhibitions. Kaisa owns and runs her own gallery in Rovaniemi and teaches courses on ICM photography, both in person and on-line. Kaisa is a member of Artist Association of Lapland.

For more of this series please visit this page and also look at the video about the project.

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