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One-to-One day workshops in Lapland


I am Kaisa Sirén, a globally recognized ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photographer with more than 18 years of experience in ICM. I am part of the ICMPhotomag team and a co-founder of ICMPhotomag network community, together with Stephanie Johnson and Morag Paterson.


I live and work in Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. If you would like to develop a deeper understanding of ICM photography or learn the basics of it, I now offer One-to-One day workshops in Lapland. These bespoke One-to-One workshops are tailored to your needs based around your own skills and interests. Based in Rovaniemi, I have access to all of Mother Nature’s many and varied delights of unique Lapland.

Subjects can include one of these depending on the season:

Landscape and Light of Lapland:
Lapland has a very strong contrast in seasons, and we actually have at least seven seasons. In each the nature looks different and the colours and the lights have their unique aspects. No matter what time of the year you visit Lapland, nature has always something stunning and surprising to offer. It is these nuances we want to photograph in each season.



Creative ICM Photograph Kaisa Siren
Creative ICM Photograph Kaisa Siren

Shooting Water:
Rovaniemi is located in an intersection of two large rivers, Ounasjoki and Kemijoki. So we have a lot of water around us. These big rivers provide large vistas, but we can also find locations of smaller rivers and fast rapids which stay open even throughout the winter.


Into the snowy woods:
The forests are magical when all trees are covered by snow. Snow starts to accumulate on the trees in the beginning of December and usually lasts till mid or end of February. The trees form all kinds of shapes and with an imagination you can start to see characters and creatures. This is a challenging subject for ICM since everything is white! But for those of you who need a challenge, this is for you. It is magical even if you do not take one picture.

Creative ICM Photograph Kaisa Siren

Midnight sun:
This is an incredible phenomena which last one month, the month of June here at the Arctic Circle. The sun does not go below the horizon at all during the whole month. The result for us photographers is the most amazing, 24 hours of sunlight with a special soft low angle, coloured light during the night. And even if it is cloudy it still is light with a special soft feel during the night. If you can’t make it in June, do not worry, it is almost 24 hours of daylight in June and July even if the sun dips below the horizon for a moment.

These animals are semi-domesticated and live wild in the forests even if they all have an owner. Since they are free roaming they may be very difficult to see, let alone photograph in the nature. As a local, I have good connections with reindeer herders who keep some animals always at home at their farms, and so can assure the possibility to take ICM images of the reindeer. Extra costs may apply to visit the farms.


Creative ICM Photograph Kaisa Siren

Full Day (8 hours) 750€ in Rovaniemi area, coffee/tea included. Lunch not included, can be bought on location.
Other locations in Lapland can be arranged with additional travel costs

Each One-to-One day workshop in Lapland includes a 20-minute zoom call before the meeting to set the goals and level and the content of the workshop.

If interested email me at kuva(a)

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