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Iceberg Graveyard


This is a brand new series of photos from Greenland. Signed edition of five printed on high quality matte paper.


I was fortunate to visit Eastern Greenland and Scoresby Sound in September 2022. It was an overwhelming experience in many ways. Many things there left me in awe. Above all, the stillness. Not a single thing moving. There are no trees, there is no grass. Only the giants, standing still. Time has stopped. Only silence remains. And the sleeping giants.


It was the time when the Arctic is getting prepared for the winter. Everything is quiet. The birds are gone. Wonderful silence surrounds you everywhere. And the best of colours at dawn and dusk. How is it possible to have such an atmosphere and beauty? Time stands still, just an incredible beauty all around. There I am in the little rubber zodiac drifting along, like an ice cube amongst the icebergs.

In Scoresby Sound there are many "smaller" fjords along which the icebergs can drift to the sea. In one of the there is a shallower area by Red Island. There the travel stops, as the huge icebergs get stuck from the bottom. Slowly, within years, they melt, standing still. A magical place that brings climate change very close to you.


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