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Learn to identify features which will improve your ICM images drastically

Join us for a workshop with Kaisa Sirén, a sublime artist who captures Finland's ethereal landscapes through her unique lens. Using Intentional Camera Movement, she crafts a dance of light and shadow, revealing the unseen emotions and unpredictable rhythms of life. Don't miss this opportunity to explore ICM photography, guided by Kaisa's insightful presentation and engaging Q&A session. A unique program of art, learning, and inspiration awaits. You can get the recording if you pay for the event, but can't make it live!

This presentation is for two Facebook groups:
ICM Photography Learning:
Intentional Camera Movement Photography:

Event Details:

Date: May 30th - Thursday
Time: Noon for about an hour - NY Time
Platform: Zoom
Cost: $7.50 USD via PayPal

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